Tajweed Tails: 1

The raw “sound” of verses of the Quran is often related to their meaning, making it possible to connect with the meanings even when we don’t necessarily understand the words. Finding these connections is one of the many joys of memorization.

Yesterday I was listening to one of my girls recite this page and, as is typical, she was not clarifying the hamzas. Instead of pronouncing the hamzas clearly, from the makharij, she would run them together with the alifs. (“Immaaaan tulqiya waaimmaaan…” Instead of ‘immaa ‘an tulqiya wa ‘imma ‘an”).

To motivate her to pronounce them clearly and strongly I suddenly realized the connection: this whole page is about how Musa and the magicians were strong and clear about their faith in the face of the cruelty and violence of Pharoah. And to properly recite this page there are lots of hamzas to pronounce with clarity and strength, sitting up straight and being in control of one’s breath and voice. Say it with strength, certainty, clarity and pride:

!إنك أنت الأعلى!….إنا ءامنا بربنا

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