No perfect time

There’s no such thing as the “perfect time” to be who you want to be.

In fact, if you sit around waiting for the “perfect” time, you might have many “right” times pass you by.

Because there’s a difference between a perfect time and a right time.

There will always be challenges and obstacles and struggle. Don’t think there will be a time without struggle.

Life is like driving a snowplow. In order to move forward you have to keep pushing that snow out of your way. The alternatives are stand still (and get buried) or back up (likely to find more snow has fallen and you have to plow that too). Backsliding and running away from your goals in search of the “safety” of a clear path free of obstacles usually backfires because that path isn’t clear anymore- more snow has fallen, and there’s new stuff to overcome when you get back there.

Keep moving forward.

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