Horses: Abundant in the Remembrance of God

عن معاذ بن أنس ، عن رسول الله – صلى الله عليه وسلم : أنه مر على قوم وهم وقوف على دواب لهم ورواحل ، فقال لهم : ” اركبوها سالمة ، ودعوها سالمة ، ولا تتخذوها كراسي لأحاديثكم في الطرق والأسواق ، فرب مركوبة خير من راكبها ، وأكثر ذكرا لله – تبارك وتعالى – منه” . رواه أحمد ، وإسناده حسن .

“On the authority of Mu`adh ibn Anas, from the Prophet (S) that he (S) passed by some people sitting on their riding animals and he (S) said to them: ‘ride them safely and leave them safely and do not take them as chairs for your conversations in the streets and in the markets. It may be that the one that is ridden is better than the one riding it and more abundant in remembrance of God Most High than him (the rider)’. -Narrated by Ahmad and its isnad is Hasan

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