Middle Aged Women and Horses

“Now a record 90+ percent of the horse industry is made up of women. Most over 40…

…Women have brought horses into their lives for a variety of reasons. Many find the connection with an animal compares to little else in this world. It’s a place where a heart and mind can clear, where the problems of the world go away. Some want horses to explore the trails, or to challenge themselves in ways no other course in history can compare to. When a rider engages in Mastery Horsemanship. That never-ending pursuit of perfection, the human soul can literally change and heal. When a rider takes her horse into the ring to teach a new task, both engage with each other in complicated and beautiful ways. Owning horses requires leadership skills, some of which need to be honed and trained. Women can be natural leaders with the ability and desire to increase their leadership skills. To better themselves. The horse is a fantastic vehicle for all of the above. And fortunately for the horse, more and more women are becoming interested in training and leadership and connection.”

Great article: Why Middle Aged Women are the Best Thing that Ever Happened to the Horse Industry

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