The most beautiful dream that can never die

The older I get the more I realize that we don’t get to choose how life turns out. Plans are thwarted, dreams die, hearts are broken, and more often than not the fondest and most important dreams and desires of our hearts for one reason or another simply don’t happen or at least not in the way or in the time we had hoped.

But this… This Quran…. It’s a dream that doesn’t go anywhere and can never be crushed. No matter how many disappointments and difficulties pass through our lives, no matter how many things are taken away from us- this Quran will always be there and the dream of carrying it can never die.

I may not be the person I thought I could be. I may not have the things I thought I would have or know the things I thought I would know. It may be too late to change so many things, but this Quran can always be part of me, can always fit in my heart and my time and my life. Of all the dreams that may never come true, I will keep fighting for this one.

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